World Class Skaters Take over Aquaventure to Showcase their skills

The water park was closed for maintenance, allowing them to use slides as ramps
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 11 April 2016
World Class Skaters Take over Aquaventure to Showcase their skills

What happens when the best water park in the Middle Esat and Europe is shut down for maintenance?

Aquaventure at Atlantis, The Palm was taken over by three world class skateboarders in association with Red Bull. The park's numerous water slides and rides were drained of millions of litres of water, which subsequently turned them into the perfect ramps for some pretty sick skateboarding.The awe-inspiring stunt captured never-before-seen skateboarding footage as the group flipped, grinded, dropped and ollied through the waterpark.

18-year-old Alex Sorgente of Italy, 19-year-old Jan Hoffmann of Germany and the United Arab Emirates, and 25-year-old Milton Martinez of Argentina, had full reign of Poseidon’s Tower, which was drained of 100,000 liters of water and rises over 130 feet above the waterpark. Along with the three skateboarders, the 22-person production crew included director, Eduardo Muñoz, drone operator, Nathan Avila and photographers, Stefan Eigner and Max Shatrov. 

From a height of 25m above The Palm, the trio skateboarded down the 156-metres of serpentine twists and turns of rides such as Zoomerango, before taking on its 14-metre wall. They then whizzed their way down Aquaconda at speeds of over 35 kilometres per hour, skating up to the edges of the 9.2m-wide pipes, catching glimpses of Dubai from the open sides before disappearing down tunnels and vertical banking of 4.6 metres. 

Skater Alex Sorgente commented “The whole hotel was insane; it was the nicest resort I've stayed in and the rooms were amazing. I never had the chance to skate a waterpark before, the slides were huge and a real challenge, kinda scary but very cool. My favorite part was the roll in to the giant bank wall, I’ve never skated a wall so tall in my life’.

Serge Zaalof, President and Managing Director of Atlantis, The Palm commented “We are honored that the skaters and the team at Red Bull chose Atlantis, The Palm to film this stunt. These skateboarders are extremely talented and clearly expressed their excitement to be here, and we look forward to working together on what will be a successful relationship going forward”. 

The stunt truly was one of a kind, and whoever thought of the idea is a genius!

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