Movie Review: The Rover

Dystopia goes Down Under
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 15 September 2014
Movie Review: The Rover
The Rover is a dystopian drama featuring Robert Pattinson

Although we might still see him glittering in the sun as the handsome blood-sucking heartthrob Edward from the Twilight franchise, Robert Pattinson has indeed proven his diversity as an actor in various roles, following his teenage Blockbuster hit series.

Going by his more recent choices for leads and supporting roles in movies like Water for Elephants, Bel Ami or Remember Me, the star showed an affinity towards character-driven roles.

Pattinson's appearance in the dystopian drama The Rover, by David Michod, maker of the popular Australian crime sage Animal Kingdom, is no less a deeper and darker one.

Playing in a grim Australian landscape, 10 years post the collapse of what seems to be all of society, Eric, played by Guy Peirce, is on a mission to retrieve his stolen car from a group of criminals. Rey, played by Pattinson, who happens to be one of the robber's brothers, bumps into him on the way and the two embark on a rather dusky journey.
When Eric puts the pieces into place and learns of Rey's connection to the gang who stole his vehicle, the duo form a dubious alliance and what starts off as a hostage and kidnapper scenario, turns into an unlikely friendship between the two.

Although the overall plot leads the duo through some weird encounters and a lot of violence, the overall plot might come across a bit shallow, think along the lines of a dark version of Dude Where Is My Car, leaving out the alien bit, but what makes The Rover worth your while are the convincing performances of the two main characters.

Pearce plays an intense personality with Eric, often calm and somewhat scarily reserved, but always on the verge of losing it entirely, whereas Pattinson plays his dim-witted character with such cogency, it has us in awe of his abilities.
The Rover might not be the right choice for Team Edward, but a good pastime for those, who favour good acting over action.

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