Movie Review: The Guest

Dan Stevens stars in a demented hybrid of horror, sci-fi and conspiracy theories
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 22 September 2014
Movie Review: The Guest
Catch Dan Stevens in horror-thriller The Guest!

It’s crammed with slasher-flick clichés, but with hottie of the moment Dan Stevens in the lead it’s entertaining nevertheless.

Stevens is chilling as an ex-soldier who rocks up on the doorstep of a grieving mum, claiming he’d been mates with her son in the army. She welcomes him into her home and invites him to stay, but other members of the family, particularly her teenage daughter, are more wary of the suave stranger's intentions.

Gradually, he infiltrates every area of their lives, and as mutual distrust grows, the stage is set for a bloodbath and more than a few cliffhangers.

Empire magazine described The Guest as “a demented action-horror hybrid of sci-fi conspiracy thriller and gore-fest,” while Vanity Fair commented: “The Guest is big, it’s bold, it’s badass, full of [the] flavour Hollywood wishes it could pour over its vanilla blockbusters.”