Eid Al-Fitr 2018: These Last-Minute Weekend Escapes Are STILL Available At Bargain Prices!

Take advantage of amazing flight deals for Dhs1,500 and under on wego.co.ae
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 11 June 2018
Eid Al-Fitr 2018: These Last-Minute Weekend Escapes Are STILL Available At Bargain Prices!
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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Eid al-Fitr is this weekend. Which means it’s time to travel!

But here’s the deal – everyone at work booked their Eid escapes months ago and flight prices over the next week or two are exorbitant. Right? Wrong!

If, like us, you forgot to make plans, we’ve got good news for you. Ahlan! found affordable flights to five top destinations THIS WEEKEND! That’s right, there is still time to pack your bags and head off somewhere exotic for Eid, without breaking the bank.

So how does it work? The below destinations and prices are based on flights departing Dubai on 14 June and returning 18 June (quoted on 11 June), and are exclusively available on wego.co.ae. And if you need a place to stay, you’ll also find top hotels deals at wego.co.ae or on the Wego app.

Bon voyage!


Istanbul, Turkey

Price: Dhs1,491 direct on Flydubai

Can’t make up your mind between Asia and Europe? Then head to the city where East meets West, and you can enjoy best of both worlds. Istanbul is rich in culture (and coffee), with stunning architecture and delicious food, too. It’s undoubtedly one of our favourite cities in the world, so treat yourself…


Kathmandu, Nepal

Price: Dhs1,137 direct on Flydubai

You’ve been to India, Sri Lanka and all the regular nearby pit stops, so where next? If you haven’t swung by Nepal yet, you’re in for a treat. Just a four-hour flight from the UAE, it’s an affordable and convenient getaway. Kathmandu is a historic city with breath-taking Newari architecture, centuries-old sites along with dedicated tourist-friendly accommodations and restaurants. In fact, stepping into Kathmandu is like stepping into another world that everybody should experience at least once.


Baku, Azerbaijan

Price: Dhs1,541 direct on Flydubai

Yes, an actual European city, this weekend, at an affordable price. Baku, the capital and commercial hub of Azerbaijan, is often described as the architectural love child of Paris and Dubai. It’s also one of the most-talked about tourist hotspots in Europe right now, so why not swing by to check it out?


Muscat, Oman

Price: Dhs611 direct on SalamAir

There is a reason why Muscat is such a popular destination amongst UAE residents. In fact, there are many reasons. It’s a quick flight (under an hour), it’s affordable, it’s a fun city with lots to do, the beaches are fab and its picturesque landscape is significantly different to ours. Sold.


Kerala, India  

Price: Dhs1,178 direct on IndiGo

It’s got quite possibly the longest-named capital city outside of Wales (Thiruvananthapuram – but you can call it Trivandrum), but Kerala’s beautiful beaches and overall tropical settings make it an increasingly popular holiday spot – especially since it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away, which is just perfect for a long weekend.

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